No significant change in the binding of oxaliplatin plasma protein while the use of erythromycin, salicylates, granisetron, paclitaxel, and valproic acid was observed.
The reaction of aluminum may precipitate and reducing oxaliplatin activity.
Equipoise pharmaceutically incompatible with 0 9% sodium chloride solution, and other solutions containing the chlorides, and alkali solutions.

Should be used only under the supervision of oncologist with experience with anticancer drugs.
Regularly (once a week), as well as before each drug administration control of the formed elements of peripheral blood should be carried out and indicators of kidney and liver.
Before starting each administration, and in the course of treatment should be carried out a neurological examination of patients for signs of neurotoxicity, particularly in the case of oxaliplatin-Teva with other drugs that have a specific toxic effect on the nervous system. Patients should be informed about the possibility of saving the symptoms of peripheral sensory neuropathy after the end of treatment. Localised equipoise moderate paraesthesia with functional impairment may persist for up to 3 years after the end of the drug for the purpose of adjuvant therapy.
If experiencing respiratory symptoms (cough, dyspnea, wheezing or detection of pulmonary infiltrates X-ray examination), treatment with oxaliplatin-Teva should be suspended to exclude the presence of interstitial pneumonitis. Symptoms such as dehydration, paralytic ileus, bowel obstruction, hypokalemia, metabolic acidosis and renal failure may be due to severe diarrhea or vomiting, especially when using oxaliplatin-Teva in combination with fluorouracil.
Patients with allergic reactions to other platinum compounds in history should be monitored presence of allergic symptoms. In the case of reactions to oxaliplatin-Teva, like anaphylactic, infusion should be interrupted immediately and assign the appropriate symptomatic treatment. Further use of oxaliplatin-Teva in the case of allergic reactions is contraindicated.
If extravasation of infusion should be discontinued immediately and symptomatic treatment is to start local. The rest of the dose should be introduced into another vein. Women and men during treatment with oxaliplatin-Teva, and for 6 months after treatment with oxaliplatin-Teva should use reliable methods of contraception.
In case of contact with the drug in their eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water or sodium chloride solution. In case of contact with the drug on the skin, rinse immediately equipoise with a place of contact with plenty of water. In case of inhalation of the drug or getting it in your mouth you should immediately consult a doctor.

Effects on ability to drive and use other mechanisms
for Advanced Studies on the effect of oxaliplatin on the speed of psychomotor reactions have been conducted. But as during treatment with oxaliplatin may develop nausea, vomiting, dizziness and other neurological symptoms that affect the overall state of the driving and working with other mechanisms for this period it is recommended to abstain. how much to inject for weight loss

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